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英语演讲稿四分钟 带翻译

内容来自用户:吴老师英语演讲稿4分钟带翻译----WORD文档,下载后可编辑修改----下面是小编收集整理的范本,欢迎您借鉴参考阅读和下载,侵删。您的努力学习是为了更美好的未来!英语演讲稿4分钟带翻译篇一In June, the flowers in full bloom season; In June, and the wind blowing the Buddha, the sun is shining; In June, is also our festival; On this day, our school held a large festival performances.With the wonderful music, the curtain slowly rising, festival show began. You see! On both sides of the stage, slowly out of the pairs of girl wear kimonos, all is their dance, like a little flower in the wind, graceful; When the music becomes the high intense, they swing the waist, opened the ideologues floret umbrella, like a little mushroom in the rain, the dizzying. Oh! They are a little (a) class of performance. Is really wonderful! When the lights suddenly became dark, speed up the pace of music, a beam of red light in the middle of the table, a the grass skirt, with countless tails girl, with music and dancing. Oh! She in African dance!The festival performances, from grade school, every class of performance are selected, many class can only choose a, andour class is very lucky, selected th


Good morning boys and girls. Today I'll talk about the challenges and the opportunaties. Overall, success is in our own hands. The challenge’s target is a opponent and not an enemy. The great challenge may tap the potential of people, and how much of a person’s potential exactly, I’m afraid even he or she was not very clear. I think, if input oneself to the meaningful challenge, it will be a better understanding of this problem and he or she will live more valuable. If there is a challenge, it will must create success and failure. Failure is not frightening, because we are standing in the foot. However, the real frightening thing is success. For this time, we have stood in the mountain top. If we are not afraid of success, are we afraid of failure? So, I just want to say, what are we rising to the challenge? It is ourselves. Thank you for your listening!


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